BHP Committees

Executive (Board members only):
•    Compromised of the Board officers
•    Have the interim authority to act on behalf of the full Board
•    Set Board meeting agenda
•    Review special reports and projects
•    Appoint Ad Hoc committees

Board Development Committee:
• Recruits, recommends for board approval, welcomes and orients new Board members.
• Coordinates on-going training for all Board members.
• Recommends annual slate of Board Officers.
• Conducts annual Board assessment.

Continuous Quality Improvement Committee:
• Reviews organization’s compliance reporting.
• Ensures appropriate facility and programmatic certification.
• Reviews client rights.
• Reviews client, staff, and community satisfaction survey results.

Finance Committee:
• Recommends and monitors fiscal policy.
• Reviews statement of finance, position or/and statement of activities at least quarterly.
• Assists in the development of the annual budget.
• Meets with auditors to review the annual audit.
• Oversees facility/capital improvement plan.
• Reviews organization’s insurance policies.

Marketing Committee:
• Ensure Community awareness of and exposure to the organization.
• Serves as a “think tank” for marketing and communication innovation.
• Advocates on behalf of the organization.
• Plans and coordinates annual awards and recognition ceremony.

Ad Hoc Committees:
The BHP Board of Directors forms ad hoc committees for a limited period of time to address a specific need. When the work of the ad hoc committee is completed, the committee is dissolved. An ad hoc committee may exist for less than a year or for a year or more depending on the extent of the work assigned to it.