BHP Committees

Executive (Board members only):
•    Compromised of the Board officers
•    Have the interim authority to act on behalf of the full Board
•    Set Board meeting agenda
•    Review special reports and projects
•    Appoint Ad Hoc committees
•    Meets as needed

Governance (Board members only):
•    Enforce Code of Regulations, and review it at least every two years
•    Recruit, welcome and orient new Board members
•    Coordinate on-going training for all Board members
•    Review mission, vision and core values at least every three years
•    Oversee and coordinate Strategic Planning
•    Monitor Strategic Plan progress
•    Recommend annual slate of Board Officers
•    Annual review of Client’s Rights activities
•    Annual review of risk management activities
•    Quarterly Corporate Compliance review
•    Meets quarterly

Development and Marketing (Board members, staff, and volunteers):
•    Assist with resource development
•    Develop an annual plan for fundraising including, but not limited to, budget and calendar
•    Assure that solicitation is done in an ethical manner
•    Ensure community awareness of and exposure to the organization
•    Serve as a “think tank” for marketing, communication and development innovation
•    Advocate on behalf of the organization
•    Assist with special events
•    Meets monthly (potentially more frequently for planning of events)

Finance (Board members, staff, and volunteers):
•    Develop and monitor fiscal policy
•    Review statement of finance, position or/and statement of activities at least quarterly
•    Assist in the development of the annual budget
•    Meet with auditors to review the annual audit
•    Oversee Facility/Capital Improvement Plan
•    Meets monthly

Program (Board members, staff, and volunteers):
•    Review and recommend new Product Line initiatives
•    Review Annual Client Satisfaction Summary Report
•    Review Annual Referral Source Satisfaction Summary Report
•    Oversee accreditation, certification and licensure
•    Annual review and monitoring of outcome measurement and Quality Assurance and Improvement
•    Meets quarterly

Human Resources (Board members, staff, and volunteers):
•    Serves as a resource for HR operational function, issues
•    Reviews quarterly employment trends
•    Reviews benefits package
•    Conducts annual review of personnel policies
•    Reviews CEO position description as needed
•    Facilitates annual evaluation of the President/CEO
•    Reviews annual staff satisfaction report
•    Meets monthly