Career Connections, is a vendor for Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) which consists of the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired.  All participants must meet the eligibility requirements in order to qualify for services through Career Connections.  Career Connections is a specialized service that only helps individuals with disabilities (physical disabilities, cognitive, mental illness and/or chemical dependency) that are linked to OOD.

Career Connections provides education and supports to individuals helping them navigate the local job market, improving their sense of self-worth and allowing them to be contributing members of the community. The goal of the program is to help individuals acquire and maintain employment. The services are individualized and tailored to the individual.

Community Based Work Assessment and Work Adjustments:  Evaluates clients on their work skills and abilities at specific work-sites in the community that the program has partnered with.

Career Exploration:  Allows a client to complete online career assessments to evaluate their skills and interests and allows clients to job shadow career options that may be of interest, in order to develop an appropriate job goal that they can pursue.

Job Seeking Skills Training:  Teaches a client how to develop a resume, locate job opportunities through various methods, learn effective interviewing skills, and be able to discuss criminal convictions with perspective employers.                                                      

Job Development: Is provided one on one with the client, helping them apply for appropriate jobs, prepping them for interviews, advocating to employers, and negotiating necessary on the job accommodations when needed.

Job Retention:  Allows the Career Specialist to follow the client and employer (if client has provided consent to have the Career Specialist be involved with the employer) for 90 days once they become competitively employed.  After the 90 days have successfully been completed, the individual is discharged from the Vocational Department.


The Summer Youth Program is utilized to help teach transitional youth (youth 14-21) vocational skills and appropriate work behaviors. Career Connections provides the Work Experience Program which is geared at older participants to teach work skills and develop a work history. All participants must first complete a week long educational component in which they will learn about independent living skills such as budgeting, time management, development of vocational interests, and job seeking skills training. After successfully completing the classroom portion of the program participants are then placed at a work-site to learn work skills in a job setting. The outcome of the service is to prepare the individual for permanent, competitive, integrated employment and independence.